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Ayurveda and wellness holiday in Flims

Ayurveda holidays at Hotel FidazerHof: take a good, deep breath

Ayus (life) and Veda (knowledge) come together to create Ayurveda – the philosophy of a long and healthy life. This traditional Indian healing art does not aim to produce short-term relief from acute problems. Ayurveda reaches far beyond this goal, striving to bring body, spirit and soul together in harmony for the long term, which creates the basis for a fulfilled and happy life.

We at the Ayurveda Hotel FidazerHof Spa & Ayurveda Health Centre have worked extensively with this Indian philosophy, and look forward to offering you a selected range of special treatments during your Ayurveda holiday. Antonia Schärli is an Ayurveda doctor and naturopath, and she and her team look forward to welcoming you to the bright rooms of the Spa and Health Centre, furnished carefully to suit your needs.

FidazerHof – an Ayurveda Hotel in a class of its own

Enjoy traditional massages, Shiatsu therapies, Thalasso treatments and baths in blissful Grander revitalised water during your Ayurveda holiday at Hotel FidazerHof. As one of the few wellness hotels in Switzerland, and particularly in Graubünden, Ayurveda Hotel FidazerHof consistently pursues the professional applications of Ayurveda therapy. These include the traditional Panchakarma cure therapies as well as an extremely wide variety of treatments and Ayurvedic massages. Our package holidays are put together specifically to suit you, providing an unforgettable Ayurveda holiday here in beautiful Flims.

Apart from the attractive wellbeing and therapy options, our comprehensive service also includes nutrition advice and type determination by Antonia Schärli and her team.

Most of the services provided by the healthcare practice at the Ayurveda health centre are covered by the additional insurance schemes run by the health insurance funds. Please ask your health insurance for more information.

Please feel free to contact us for advice.

The team at the Ayurveda Hotel FidazerHof is looking forward to hearing from you.

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