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Culture and custom 2015


Classical - natural concerts - folk music - Customs -

"suns e tuns grischuns"  -  Morning Stories for Advent

10th July 2015, 19.00 concert at the Fidazer-church with dinner at the FidazerHof

In the context of the honour us Mr Ulrich Knellwolf with a visitation at the Fidazer-church. He tells stories and crime thriller which are companied by music.

In between you will get spoiled by a culinary menu.

12th July 2015, 17.00 with the music for strings Alder at the Heuboden in Scheia

On family Schmid's Bio Farm in Scheia plays the music for strings Alder.

Traditional Appenzell folk music for hundreds of years passed down and conserved from forgetting.

After the concert you can enjoy traditional dishes at the FidazerHof.

19th September 2015 Alp-descent from Flimserstone

The traditional Alp-descent from Flimserstone to Flims gets to an experience with a framework programme, celebration, market stands, live music and much more! Around lunch time the cows get scrape home at the high valley of Bargis. They force the cows down the valley passing Fidaz and Flims. At the FidazerHof starts the family music at 10.30am as entertainment.


28th  November 2015, SlowFood and Plant-New Year's Eve

Sursilvan wallower-eve with "suns e tuns grischuns".


20th  December 2015 11.00am, Flurin Caviezel

The Grisons cabaret artist and musician tells stories and plays music around the advent. You will hear some loved SRF-morning and special Christmas stories with becoming music. After the concert you will get a culinary enjoyment.