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Ayurveda Summer Special
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Pischa da Crap

....... every 7 years, on the night of the full moon in August, the landlord of the FidazerHof (previously known as Hotel Simplizia, until 1920, and as Kurhaus Fidaz until 1974) has, with the help of seven mountain elves, been allowed to scoop water from the spring, at a point near Pinut known only to the landlord. To this very day, the liquid that leaves the Flimserstein on this night is called Pischa da Crap or Schteibisi.........

The traditional health aspects of Schteibisi (which have not been investigated) have to be experienced and tested by each person for themselves.

As long as stocks are available (only replenished every 7 years):
Bottle CHF 30.00 (37.5cl)
Flask with drinking cup CHF 13.00 (10cl)

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