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Wellness & Spa

Wellness & Spa shower in Fidazerhof Graubünden

FidazerHof – Your Wellness Hotel in Flims/Grions

We want you to enjoy your stay with us at the FidazerHof in every way. We therefore offer a wide range of treatments at our Wellness Hotel in Flims/Grisons. Come on over, unpack your bags and let our experts pamper you in every way they can. You’ll love the whole experience.

How would you like to spend a little time in the Finnish Sauna, for example? Leave your day-to-day cares outside the door and give yourself up to the integrated interplay of colours within. Do you want to release your tight muscles in the Physiotherm infra-red cabins? Or would you prefer to be massaged by jets of water under a continuous shower?

The “Glücksbad” is equipped with a double bathtub, a steam bath and a generously-sized lounger. Relax in the spa bath with a specially-selected natural mixture of scents and sound waves. A treatment bath with bath salts followed by a body cleansing ceremony will increase your sense of wellbeing. The large panoramic windows in the relaxation room give you a view of the Grisons' Alps and convey a very special kind of calm. From time to time, enjoy a refreshing drink or a cup of freshly brewed tea at the juice and tea bar.

You get your money’s worth in the Wellness and Spa zone at Hotels FidazerHof. Take a little time for yourself, for once, and do just one thing: relax. You’ll see: it’ll revitalise your senses!

By the way: our generously-proportioned Wellness and Spa area is not just open to our own guests. If you are ever in Flims/Fidaz or in Grisons in general, why not drop by and treat yourself to a little time out. 

We look forward to seeing you.

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Wellness & Spa offers
Wellness & Spa offers
Wellness & Spa shower in Fidazerhof Graubünden
Wellness & Spa
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