Five actions, the fountain of youth at the FidazerHof

An Ayurveda detox treatment can confidently be described as the supreme discipline of Ayurvedic teachings. At the health centre in the Ayurveda Hotel FidazerHof, we offer various detox treatments lasting several days under the supervision of our natural doctors, during which you can shed physical and mental ballast and gather new strength.

At the centre of an Ayurvedic detox cure, which literally means “five actions”, are purification and cleansing, which can be achieved in five different ways. The environmental toxins and waste products that have accumulated in your body over the months and years are released from the tissue and gently removed from the organism with the help of carefully coordinated Ayurvedic treatments. Freed from all the toxins, you will find fresh vitality, joie de vivre and lightness.

In order for the Ayurveda detox treatment to unfold its full effect, we recommend that you plan between nine and twelve days, during which we will fully accompany you as a guest at the Hotel FidazerHof, pamper you with the various detox treatments and special Ayurvedic meals in our Canorta. Go for walks in the clear mountain air of Flims, enjoy the sun and the sweeping views of the valley and the mountains, and simply relax in the privacy that we pay particular attention to for you.

We take a lot of time for every Ayurveda detox guest and put together the perfect programme tailored to your wishes and needs in a personal preparation meeting with you. Detailed information can be found in the link on this page. We look forward to your call so that we can answer your individual questions about the Ayurveda detox treatments in peace and quiet and send you a personalised offer.

Our offers and prices: