The naturopathic practice at the FidazerHof

Under the management of naturopath Antonia Schärli and hosts Martina and Jiri Tomis, the Wellness Hotel FidazerHof has made a name for itself in the field of Ayurveda therapies. Guests from near and far find relaxation in our traditional hotel in a sun-drenched panoramic location above Flims. The wellness facilities and rooms have been expanded, and a few years ago we opened a naturopath’s practice on the garden floor of the house, which is open to all people who are looking for a more conscious way of life.

The main areas of therapy are Ayurvedic detox treatments, pulse diagnostics, Ayurvedic marma therapy, nutritional counselling / dietetics, phytotherapy, shiatsu, thorn and craniosacral therapies as well as various wellness treatments. As a trained naturopath, Antonia Schärli offers you her extensive knowledge of European naturopathy and Indian Ayurveda, which complement each other perfectly in a holistic approach. You will be supported by an appreciative and highly trained team of therapists.

Many of the so-called diseases of civilisation, which are causing more and more health problems in our hectic and insecure world, can be treated with a combination of these two teachings. Ayurvedic and complementary treatments go hand in hand with conventional medical therapies.

Our aim is to enrich your life with the combined measures so that you can rest within yourself and strengthen your health in the long term, as you can continue to apply what you have learnt at home.

Contact Antonia Schärli by telephone so that we can clarify your questions and plan your Ayurveda days or an appointment for a consultation in our naturopathic practice at the FidazerHof together.